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Bah, American ain’t so bad. There’s such variety in one single country that pretty much anything you find in another country you can also find here in some form. And you’re right: waitresses can get another job – it’s still a weird type of income. Oh! The Caste system in India where they have “the untouchables” (example: a village where the people eat rats – they’re untouchables). We don’t have …a caste system in America right? Wrong – we do. Who is untouchable here in the USA? Homeless people. Yup. We don’t touch them, have little to do with them, they’re blamed for many crimes. The big difference is that we have social services somewhat available and offer some assistance. (its a unique situation though because once they closed the mental institutions the people had nowhere to go. And even today, mentally unstable folks whose parents and … “

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