e cause of my own unhappin…

Thanks Heather – I ‘m an introspective person – I’m always looking within to understand myself, and to understand the people I know. Frankly, people confuse me. so I try to match up what I’ve seen of myself from within so far, and compare it to unexpected things people around me do or say. “What caused that reaction?” and sometimes I realize, “Oh, crap, it was something I said yesterday that… was grossly misinterpreted,” or, “Oh, it was such and such a thing happening in their lives.” Either way, it suddenly becomes okay, because fixing misinterpretations is almost impossible, (they come across as ‘excuses’) so the only answer is to let it go, be nice and friendly as always, and eventually it will pass. Not ideal, but if I always tried to get people to fit into my ideals – they won’t – and then I’ll be unhappy – the cause of my own unhappin… “

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