‘Dynamic Predictive Neurophenomenological Ecology’

“An integrative approach to understanding cognition and brain function that draws upon dynamic systems theory to capture the emergent, complex nature of cognitive processes. This framework incorporates the predictive nature of brain function, as per predictive coding and Bayesian brain hypotheses, to explain how the brain continuously updates its beliefs based on sensory information. It also includes a neurophenomenological perspective, combining subjective experience with objective neuroscientific data to explore consciousness and other cognitive phenomena. Lastly, it acknowledges the significant role of the body and environment in shaping cognition, as proposed by theories of embodied cognition and ecological systems.”

This description tries to provide a snapshot of the ‘Dynamic Predictive Neurophenomenological Ecology’ framework without oversimplifying any individual component. It presents the framework as a balanced and pluralistic approach, drawing on multiple theories to provide a more holistic understanding of cognition and brain function.

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