The ability to mentally see the outlines of things,

The ability to mentally see the outlines of things, to envision how things come together, come apart, what looks strong, what looks weak, seems to be linked to having an “engineers” type mind. I think all little kids are engineers, but they lose it soon after they go to school. It’s a kind of intuitiveness combined with logic, I believe. You need imagination, which 75% either lacks or uses only to try to be a better liar than the next guy, but us 25% or perhaps it’s 10% or even 1% – that can bend space and time, see gravity in action (watch the spacetime continuum bending and moving) – and i think the best part about being this way, is that its difficult to be really “bored” for any length of time: because the “normal world” is so insanely boring that we learn at a very young age how to occupy ourselves in our minds – that, and having a natural temperment that GIVES us very strong internal Universes – combined with a self-awareness, that we’re able to do things in our minds that the world will never see, the world may never know. I wouldn’t trade my mind for anything – except perhaps a better memory for details….

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