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I’m with you, Heather. That kind of behavior is bad enough on its own, perpetrated by one individual. But when your boss looks the other way, the company you work for (in this case, the university) looks entirely the other way, you’re allowed to continue running a faux charity / abuse factory, abused the foster-care system, adoption agencies… it’s disappointing on so many levels. like you, i… try to see both sides – but honestly, all i see is a guy who was allowed to not just take advantage of situations, but allowed to CREATE situations (running a foster home) which gave all of the opportunities he needed to do what he did. Abuse of power – however it is abused – whether its a high-speed chase or beatdown by cops, a teacher inflicting students with a lopsided worldview, parents verbally/mentally abusing their kids, a boss taking away bre… “

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