Dry wit – why I response literally to sarcasm :P

I know – me too tongue emoticon I just make a habit of treating sarcasm as literal, partly for the “oh he doesn’t get it’s a joke, does he?” for those that automatically laugh, and also as a challenge because there could be times when the same words could be asked of me by someone who _isn’t_ being sarcastic and I’ll need an answer.

Plus I get amusement when someone says, “I was only kidding”, for just as I was to see the other person is kidding, they too are supposed to see that I’m kidding in my serious response. Yet, I don’t expect it because I’m giving a mixed message while being straightforward.

There smile emoticon _whew_ like emoticon [this way I get one answer for two occasions. I think it’s “dry”, yes. Dry – yes, that’s what they call it. Silly categorizing humanity. tongue emoticon

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