dream – young bee that couldn’t sting me, I had to beat it to death.

STRANGE DREAM OF 11/11/15 – Kenneth Udut
I couldn’t get in the car to get home.

This young bee who had a useless stinger that I didn’t even feel, just wouldn’t leave me alone.

It would go by my ears really quickly, then straight for my eye, then do all of the things that stinging bees did, but this bee did not sting.

Yet, I couldn’t get away from it.

So, I started punching it.

At first, my punches missed – and really, all I wanted to do is get in the car and go in… but I knew if the bee was inside, it would be a tragically awful experience in the car for everybody inside, so I had to remove it while I was outside somehow.

Then my aims got better  I’d punch it, it’d fly back for a moment, I’d try to get into the car, it would fly straight to my eye and I’d punch again.

Over and over this young, impotent bee kept trying to sting me, even though it had no point and I would punch it, not in retaliation but to get it away from my car long enough so I could get inside so I could go home.

Finally I landed the final handful of punches.  Each punch that landed on the bee, it did not fly off but kept coming over and over again.  It got bigger.  And bigger.  And bigger. And bigger…

until it was the size of a watermelon.  Then it changed into a watermelon, and it landed softly, harmlessly on the ground a few feet away from the car.

So, I got in the car and felt bad for beating a pointless bee that wouldn’t leave me alone and then I thought, “Now that it’s so blown up, I wonder if we could find out what makes a bee work because everything inside will be equally blown up and visible now?”

Then I left, feeling bad for defending myself against this pointless bee but also curious what made it work.

My dream, like the bee, was pointless.  This is a true dream I just woke up with. 11/11/2015

PS:  I figure it’s my brains love of puns and being very literal.

“beating a pointless argument”.
“Beating” = “Beesting”,

“Pointless Bee sting” = “Pointless Beating”

[karass a friend replied]

Oh, what a good word. I had to look it up as I never read Vonnegut, even though a couple of teachers said I should. I dream frequently but this one was interesting because it told a retellable tale. Many dreams aren’t so protagonist / antagonist / violent / direct. But they’re always just as absurd

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