Drakon Book : Introduction 2 [English Translation]

Introduction 2

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Each person has tremendous intellectual resources, of which most people use only a small part.David Lasser

Suppose you – a big head. For example, the Chief Designer of rocket-space corporation. Or even the minister. Or, say, the head of a major bank, in which hundreds of powerful computers milled financial and other information. Or suppose you are – the chief engineer of a large steel plant, which successfully operate the most modern process control systems. Maybe you lead an oil company, a railroad center or satellite television.

The pride of your organization, its intellectual backbone is golden minds – qualified professionals with expertise in precious; In their work they use computers connected in a local network and other. This book describes almost a useful method to improve the working of the mind of these people to increase their intellectual contribution to the prosperity of your private company or a public organization.

This is a completely new idea, which, however, has already passed the scrutiny in a number of special cases and showed good results. The proposed idea is closely related to computers and automation, but at the same time significantly differs from them, since the object of exposure is not a computer and the human brain.

Where appropriate, some general explanations. When people talk about automation, mean automated enterprise management system, process, research, design development, design, programming, financial activities, and many other forces. In XX century. wide wave of computerization and automation swept the world and brought remarkable fruits. Public wealth has increased. The share of physical labor has declined, mental – has increased. In this period it was realized two important truths.

  1. The modern world – a product of thought and mind. Ultimately, it is the human mind has produced everything that we see and feel around. Civilization – a result of the efforts of the human mind.
  2. In the competitive world of the success of companies and organizations depend on professional knowledge and intelligence experts from the intellectual potential of the company, the ability to increase the strength of mind of employees. Improving the operation of the mind of specialists is becoming an important, priorities.

Here, however, a problem arises. Many believe that this problem is solved automatically, by itself, together with the improvement of education and the prevalence of computers. They believe that automation of mental labor strengthens the human intellect. According to them, the more perfect the computers, the better their performance, the more productive the brain works. The more sophisticated and intellectual tasks assigned to the machine, the more efficiently solves the problem of the human intellect. The higher the degree of automation of intellectual labor, the better and more efficient operating our mind. According to this logic, to improve intelligence professionals need to increase the power of computers and make them more intelligent.

It can be shown that these arguments hidden subtle and insidious error. In fact, the automation and improvement of the mind – although related, but significantly different things. Creative productivity of the human brain does not depend on the power of computers and other characteristics; it is determined entirely by other factors.

Thus, there is a contradiction. On the one hand it is obvious that the efficiency of businesses and organizations depends on the force of the mind professionals; therefore increasing the creative power of the intellect becomes of paramount importance. On the other hand, currently, as far as we know, there are no effective methods of intensification of human intelligence that can be applied in practice in order to increase the actual impact of companies and organizations.Moreover, the task of improving the work of intelligence professionals not only not solved, but in fact is not even posed.

This book, apparently, is the first in the world literature an attempt to articulate the problem of improving the work of the mind, to show its great importance to improve the efficiency of firms and organizations the opportunity to demonstrate its practical solutions for some important special cases.

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