Drakon Book : FrontPage (Chapters) [English Translation]


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How to improve the work of the mind

Algorithms without programming – it’s easy!

Introduction 1 Little Overture

Introduction 2 The third eye for business and managers

Introduction 3 Intellectual terrorism: fantasy or reality?

Chapter 1 On the approaches to the new language

Chapter 2 Is it possible to create a language, improving understanding and mutual understanding?

Chapter 3 considerations that influenced the creation of language DRAGON

Chapter 4 Understanding and mutual understanding – the key issues of computer science

Chapter 5 The problem of improving the work of the mind: a new cognitive approach

Chapter 6 Raisin language DRAGON

Chapter 7 Ergonomic algorithms

Chapter 8 cycles Visualization

Chapter 9 Visualization of logical formulas

Chapter 10 What is ergonomically text?

Chapter 11 Visual operators real time

Chapter 12 Friendly Programming

Chapter 13 Human activity and the formalization of knowledge: picturesque examples

Chapter 14 dragon Visual Editor

Chapter 15 Description of visual syntax DRAGON

Chapter 16 Visual structured programming

Chapter 17 Calculation of icons and attempt to predict the future

Chapter 18 Language DRAGON place in the human culture

Chapter 19 Can I ergonomizatsiya mathematics?

Chapter 20 Can I become an intellectual superman?

Conclusion The Road Ahead

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