Doom ‘n Gloom. People always make short predictions of doom ‘n gloom to happen within their lifetimes,

Doom ‘n Gloom. People always make short predictions of doom ‘n gloom to happen within their lifetimes, or the really clever make them happen just after they’re dead.

But which ones come true?

Hm. None.


Of course nobody knows it’s a problem but you. Don’t you think if it made it to the NEWS that _somebody_ besides you knows about it already?

Maybe.. just maybe there are people _working on it_ and will solve the problem (eventually)?

Please. Other ppl don’t wanna die either. They’ll fix it.


I know about the expensive robots that got rekt

They’ll try something else. They probably already are. Maybe there will even be some nifty new engineering or even a brand spankin’ new sci theory to come out of it… although more likely it’ll be a nifty engineering solution.

Don’t sweat it.


Maybe they can dump a shit load of red algae over it, let them get toxic, scoop them up as they get full, stick it in Iceland in a barrel, or whatever they do with old waste. Who knows.


The fact that you KNOW about it Chris, is proof that something is being done about it.

It got reported. It’s out there. Millions of people know about it. Some of those people are actually in positions to do something to fix it. They’re working on it. Who? I don’t know. But once something is exposed to public common everyday newspaper knowledge, it doesn’t rest.

Complain to the people that can do something. Talking to me doesn’t do anything.\


Stress if you like Chris if it gives you purpose. I’m probably going to die a normal death in 40-44 years or whatever. You probably are too. Most of the people close to the accident probably are too. Some won’t. There’s a lot of nature between the accident and elsewhere and nature _does_ suck up radiation and process it in its own fashion and remove it.

A nuclear test site in Italy from the 50s. They were done with it. Heavy levels of radiation everywhere. What did they do?

They put three feet of dirt on it and made it a public park.

IN the 80s, they cut one of the trees they planted down to see what effects there were on the rings.

Some rings showed radiation early on. Later rings showed none.


Oh of course ut my point is: Everybody -doesn’t- ignore them. Some _do_ pay attention. There’s always somebody paying attention, making the calls, spreading the word.

My concern is people who get unduly stressed about things that are completely out of their hands, staying up at night about it, children who can’t sleep over it. Adults who spend large amounts of time researching something compulsively in an exclusively negative direction, bringing them more and more into depression and anxiety. [Think: “My nerve is twitching. I must have MS.”]

*If* there’s evidence of authorities working on a problem and you keep them honest and working on the problem, _and_ there’s little else you can do beyond that? What’s the point of stressing over it? Something’s being done.

With that, you’re free to enjoy life.


It’s a current problem. Think of past problems that were equally impossible that got solved? This will too. Well, I can’t convince you against your will. I did what I could.




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