Don’t wait to write THE PERFECT BOOK: Write some crappy ones first.

Write some crappy ones first. [not as crappy as mine]. It gets you through a lot of the hurdles of “THE PERFECT BOOK” by getting you UP TO the very same point you’d be at IF YOU HAD written the perfect book.
Then you know what’s ahead of you and the earlier parts of the process are no longer scary.
For example, there’s always self-publishing. – Ingram, while it has startup fees, has a huge distribution network that can go worldwide, and you can appear on bookshelves in real stores.
Of course then you’d have to wear two hats: One creative writer, one saavy business person. Or get an agent. But I don’t know anything about that part yet ’cause I haven’t written “that book that will change everything for everybody” yet :P

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