Don’t bother pursuing “a career” – pursue ALL of them!


  • I’m 43. Don’t bother. Find something you “don’t mind doing” that happens to make money that you don’t mind making. You have approx 16 hrs a day awake time, give or take. Let’s say 8 yrs are work time. That’s 8 hours of not-work time that you can use towards what’s REALLY IMPORTANT to you.

    So, scrape by with something you don’t mind, although searching for career *is* a fun activity. Maybe if you’re in a position to do schooling and such, find a career and go for it. But here’s what I did…

    I figured out what roles in life I wouldn’t mind playing. [it’s all roleplaying isn’t it?]

    And meanwhile, did whatever I needed to make enough money doing stuff I didn’t mind. [usually computer work, but I ended up learning how to create and run a business too, and even played with stocks for a time]

    But the “roles I didn’t mind playing” – my hidden “true careers”, I ended up pursuing by the way I talked to people and dealt with them.

    For me, it’s psychologist, self-help guru, teacher, guidance counsellor, special-education (talented-gifted and slow learner), coach, mentor, rabbit/priest/minister, professor sociologist… these are ALL things that kept showing up in those Career tests.

    And what ended up happening? I talk to people as if I’m each of those things combined.

    I BECAME the roles I wanted, even if “the thing that makes me money” had _nothing_ to do with those things.

    Not that my way is best. I can’t speak for other people really (even though I pretend as if I can). But I was surprised I became EXACTLY everything I dreamed I could be.

    Just not officially.

    In short… when I say “don’t bother” what I mean is: “a career” is limiting. Be everything you want to be. You don’t have to make money at all or any of it even. but you can have every career you ever wanted. You just have to change the context which you consider valid.


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