don’t be afraid to contact famous ppl. let yourself feel ridiculous – it’s ok.

Oh well if you’re looking to debate them on “equal footing”, then yeah; the Journals are their Forums.

But, I’ve had a few questions or ideas. I usually get answered – sometimes I don’t. I was part of discussions with Douglas Adams on
the early Usenet before he passed on… and it’s nice to have had some contact.

It’s sobering though. Wolfram was easy – I had about a dozen questions and a few ideas; and he answered me with as much seriousness as if I was “somebody important”. I was satisfied. His theories weren’t for me entirely. I took what was good out of it and moved on to my next thing to investigate.

As I’m writing them, looking up their email (and I’ve probably done this only 6 or 7 times in my 25 year online career mind you!) – I get a feeling of suddenly being very small… and a fanboy/fangirl trying to catch Elvis’ pantleg or whatever.

It’s a good thing, in my opinion. I can be the big fish in the small pond, but then there’s a bigger pond out there, and yet a bigger pond still, all the way to the history books. (and you have to start a war to get in those, or get a fanbase either while you’re alive or after you’re dead)

I think that’s why I’m drawn to the ambiguous and the awkwardness. To me, it goes beyond a level of ideas/concepts/platonic solids and dichotomies and internet discussions, but into our very moment-to-moment existence.

Oh wow – I gotta get off my soapbox – I’m the bum in Central Park philosophizing aloud as if in ancient Greece

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