Doesn’t justify it for everybody of course and I wouldn’t try.

That’s a good point. I was very premie – 6.5 months – and circumcision was just customary. But having “overactive nerves” on my skin (its tough in some ways but sensitive to the stupidest things), I’m glad I had it done as an infant. Same reason I’m glad I didn’t get braces: teeth weren’t that bad and it was one less thing to have to mess around with unnecessarily.

Doesn’t justify it for everybody of course and I wouldn’t try. But I think it’s a logical option for some situations and I’d definitely have been one of them.


I’m born 1/2 blind, 1/2 deaf, premature, diagnosed with cerebral palsy (no sign of thanks to good physical therapy as a toddler – it was mild), entered school regularly, appear regular (just weird) to people.

So for me, foreskin wasn’t much of an issue by comparison.

But I could see how it’d be something to be mad about: After all, you lost something by someone else’s choice that you had no say in.

I have my list of things too, mostly against a couple of teachers and the education system as it exists in the USA tho’ but same basic idea.


Might be. Worth checking into if it’s important to you. I’d think it would be. Probably need to visit with a shrink for a few months to get their sign off for the procedure, but I’m sure with a psychiatric note, it’d be covered.


Masturbation ‘to excess’ (if there is such a thing) could lead to desensitivity as well. Look up methods for “multiple orgasms” for men and ways to localize that little pea-sized muscle between your ballsack and butthole. It’s like an inch up (or in), I dunno what it’s called.

Some book I read as a teenager and tried it out. No hands, just thought and localizing the muscles. Feels pervy talking about it but whatever – maybe a hands-off method might bring the sensitivity back to you.


Now I need to bleach out my eyes having said that. Lemme know when you read it – it’s not a message I want hanging around. tongue emoticon


eh fuck it, I said it. It stays.



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