Does this equate to God? Does this equate to accident?

Some knowledge is experiential. If the line needs to be drawn in a finer way, it’s likely I’m more gnostic than agnostic, yet it’s an odd straddling point.

I trust experiential knowledge to a point while also realizing that certainty is an emotional state, whether it is the certainty of Reasoning/Logic or the certainty of belief.

We’re tiny creatures in a vast Universe. Cognitively we’re forced to find patterns in things. It’s the only way we can possible attempt to comprehend what’s around us.

Images, information, all of it is compressed into simple forms. Our eyes have limited acuity, so we consider a line on a piece of paper as 1 dimensional, and happily ignore the width of the line.. happily ignoring the bumpiness of the ink or pencil led and the bumpiness of the paper itself.

“That’s 1 dimensional!”

But no, it’s not.

Cognitively, we’re doomed to lose the uniqueness of things.

Imagine comprehending the uniqueness of all things?

Everything that is, once wasn’t in its current form. Then it is. Then one day, it’s gone.

Can see see that? Sometimes. We’re aware of the cycle of food for example and know things spoil, so we pay attention to their expiration time. We don’t expect food to last forever.

But other things? We hardly notice it.

Example: There’s a table in front of me, under my arms.

“What is it?”
“It’s a table”

Is it a table universally for all time and all space and all purpose?

No, it’s a table by current, present function for me.

It was once a blob of plastic being poured into a mold. One day it will be landfill and eventually it will be bits of whatever made it up after some length of time; dozens, hundreds, thousands of years – I don’t know the projections.

But what do I see?

A table.

We can’t think in that way all of the time. We compress knowledge into easy patterns for our mental digestion. Uniqueness is something humans are not very good at.

So, I accept the limitations of experiential and emotional and rational knowledge and utilize them to the best of my ability within the human community I’m in.

I know there’s more. There’s always more. There are things I’ll never be able to perceive because they’re out of my cognitive ability and out of the ability of the human species to even CONSIDER valid inquiries.

How do you know what you do not know?
How do you know if you there are things we can never know?

We don’t. I’m ok with that.

Does this equate to God? Does this equate to accident? Are accidents patterns we haven’t mathematically discerned yet? Are there things in the Universe that are what they are but do not correspond easily or at all to mathematical formulation?

Perhaps. Perhaps not.  I don’t know.  So, I try as hard as I can as much as I can, which is why I am always learning, both rationally and experientially and intuitively. The toolset is limited and my lifespan is likely to be less than a century – maybe 84? 88? I don’t know.

So I make the most of it.

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