“does not appear to listen” “difficulty following instructions”

“does not appear to listen”
“difficulty following instructions”

being 1/2 deaf on top of things, these lines are good to see. There’s a difference between when i can’t hear from deafness, when i can’t hear from inattentive ADHD (two seconds went by and i’m on something else already) or both at the same time.

it’s almost never what they call “selective hearing” because i can’t afford to do selective hearing – i might miss something important. Yet i’ve been told “you’re ignoring me” and “you just don’t want to listen”. Gets me a bit neurotic really.

its not just hearing because i get it when i’m reading in the same amount. of course i’m half blind so it could also be jittery eyes but same thing : i can tell when reading is hard from jittery high lens eyes or from mind going off on tangents to other worlds every 6 seconds (THATS NOT AN EXAGGERATION i’ve timed it), or both.

it rarely means its boring or that i’m bored with someone in written conversation. yet that is also possible too but as it takes so much for me to maintain sustained focus sometimes that its a kind of exhaustion

unless i’m in hyperfocus. but in that mode distracting me topples the whole apple cart. (set shifting issues is what they call it and it looks a lot like aspergers / high functioning autism which is also could be)

Fails to give close attention to details or makes careless mistakes
Has difficulty sustaining attention
Does not appear to listen
Struggles to follow through with instructions
Has difficulty with organization
Avoids or dislikes tasks requiring sustained mental effort
Loses things
Is easily distracted
Is forgetful in daily activities

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