“Does dad *have* to be President, Mom?” “I dunno honey, don’t think about it. Finish your peas.”

Wife no like new digs. Uses kid as excuse. Waiting for the 6th grade excuse if they’re still at it. “Does dad *have* to be President, Mom?” “I dunno honey, don’t think about it. Finish your peas.”


He’s got a nice cage but a cage is a cage.

Here where I live, Collier County FL, the Collier family was kind of similar. They’re a private family though compared to the Trumps but still top #100 on richest families.

When the youngest daughter was Barron Trump’s age (she’s 22 now) she was kept at home. Always.

They had security guards galore, more gates and fences than I’d ever seen.

We’d just started the business (animal trapping) and while I don’t go out on jobs (I do the biz, bro does the trapping or has helpers), early on I’d go with him. They had rats.

Rich houses aren’t impressive to me ’cause on the rich part of town, they’re everywhere and commonplace. They’re all made of the same crappy construction materials in our house.

Anyway, poor little rich kid.


While the elders of the family all made their money on oil, construction and real estate, when the girl grew up she started a “U-pick” farm. Those things never make any money. Little rebel. I guess a childhood stuck inside, she’s just gonna stay outside the rest of her life. Good for her.


That’d be an economic stimulus for the feds: a casino in every town and homeless shelters as far as the eye can see. “You gambled it away, so here you go”. Odds are always in favor of the house.


Everybody’s a friend of mine.


Also born in NJ. Roselle Park. Florida now. Never realized I was “compressed” ’til I decompressed here.



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