Does anyone have experience with Coherent?

“Does anyone have experience with Coherent?”

31JUL92-0106 T1000/1200/3000

Does anyone have experience with Coherent?

Even though I don’t yet have a 1.44meg disk drive on my Tandy 1000 TL ( I like reminding people, I suppose), I’ll soon get one, which means that I SHOULD be able to install and run Coherent on this system.

For those that don’t know:

Coherent is a Unix-Like system that runs on 286 or higher machines with 1.44 or 1.2 floppy drives and 640K Ram. Now, it might work on an XT with 1.44 or 1.2 meg floppies, but I’m not sure. Anyway — it allows you to multitask (do many things at once), have multiple users on your syste (a bbs would be a good application, along with the slot box! for all the modems! hehe :D )

and a lot of other goodies. You can choose between booting up with DOS or with Coherent. Best part is the price.

$99.00 from Mark Williams Company. Check ou the Unix column in Computyer Shopper. It’s listed there. Excellent looking program.

Now my question again: MIght it run on a Tandy 1000 TL?


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