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July 17, 2017 at 11:55PM


Time War was a strange story arc. Lasted too long. Produced some decent content, particularly entering the pictures and stuff. I liked that shit.

Time lords seem to come and go on the show. I think if they bring them back into stories they need to do a *proper* story arc with them. Get a few relationships. With Moffat gone we *probably* wont’ be travelling to the beginnings and ends of time ALL OF THE TIME. which is fun a few times but the amount of stuff happening at the end of the Universe is getting a little cluttered. [I’m fine with it but there’s a lot of inbetween time to explore]

The Doctor doesn’t have to be “the lone gunslinger without a people who won’t fire a gun (much)”. But do some good Time Lord society content. They weren’t ALL baddies all of the time.

Loved Nardole. It’s not often the Doctor has a non-human companion and Nardole’s barely explored background REALLY could have used some exploring.




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