Doctor Who, Kenneth Udut – When it came back, I became the Boy Who Waited.

Fan since I was 8 yrs old. I’m 44 now. Survived the 15 year gap (I never thought it was coming back) with Timecop, Quantum Leap, Sliders, and any time travel I could find.

When it came back, I became the Boy Who Waited.

“N MF B: This response was more beautiful than I could ever have imagined”


My grandmother introduced me to the show. She had already been a fan for many years. My mother never understood its appeal. I used to stay up all weekend during marathons. I missed school a couple of times (middle school) because I didn’t get enough sleep. No VCR at that time and when they’d play the old episodes, they were my ONLY chance to see them.

Yet, I never considered myself a Whovian. But I’ve always been both the Doctor, a companion, and he has always been my substitute father / uncle / mentor / guide through life so far.

At 17 (1989), I put down “theoretical physics” as the course of study I wanted for college. I’d become fascinated with it. I wanted to comprehend Time.

Circumstances eliminated it (the professor I wanted for Quantum Mechanics was on sabbatical) and I never finished college anyway (too much $$$) but it didn’t matter because I knew some alt.universe “me” had gone through it, and there were other people in the world that WERE able to go through it _for me_, freeing me up to explore whatever other life options present themselves.

I believe we’re each a TARDIS. Bigger on the Inside. After all, we bring the whole Universe into us with every movement of the eyes, every sound heard, it goes in, into the TARDIS that’s us.

Even when we sleep, we journey to other realms of time and space. While we’re awake, we bring the Universe and everybody we see into us and our understandings of each person *is* the “them” that enters our TARDIS and lives in our imaginations.

Yeah, the show has definitely influenced me.


[They’re me. I’m them. They’re family. It’s complicated  🙂  ]

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