Doctor Who: I watched them in the 80s and had to suffer through PBS marathons.

oh luckyyyyyy!
I watched them in the 80s and had to suffer through PBS marathons. The marathons were great – I’d stay up ALL night on Saturday just to watch them all. (VCR? Rich people had those) but the pledge breaks were like… UGH… although I wanted the Dr. Who Mug that made the TARDIS appear when you put hot coffee in it. And the umbrella. And the Tote Bag.

Somehow, I managed to catch every episode. [I cross referenced it a library book that had episode guides to TV shows].

By the time the show petered out, I had lost SOME interest. [I wasn’t a fan of the last classic Doctor]… but when they were shutting it down I was like, NOOOO WAIT but maybe the next one will be good]

It was a LONG 15 years. I filled it up with Time travel shows of all kinds through the 90s. Good ones and mostly awful ones. Even… the Timecop TV show. Yes. Sliders wasn’t bad I guess, at first. Quantum Leap…. all substitutes for Doctor Who.

Got my hopes up with the movie in ’96; didn’t like how they did it but I was willing to go with the “Fox” style drama just to get my fix.

But.. nope.

When the show came back, and BETTER than the classic series, I was like, “IT’S MY TIME NOW” smile emoticon

Yet, I never considered myself a Whovian.  Never had a scarf.  I only bought my first sonic screwdriver last year just because it was on closeout.

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