Do you spend over 40% of your time with your computer on BBS’s?

Do you spend over 40% of your time with your computer on BBS’s?  80%?  Do you find yourself wishing that you could be able to do other things with your computer but that the file-collecting bug has caught you?

There is a very simple solution.  Instead of spending $$$ on super-duper multi-tasking/windowing software just so that you can download while being able to do other things, here’s what to spend your $$$ on.

Buy another computer.

What??!?!?!!!  Yes.  You’ve heard me right.  Look in your local want-ads for someone selling IBM XT’s.  Pick one up with a Hercules or CGA monitor and a Hard Drive.  If it doesn’t have a Hard Drive, buy one from a place in Computer Shopper (r).

Why?  It’s very simple.  You’re using your computer primarily as a dumb terminal with storage space.  You might even have the newest technology sitting on your desk but it’s nothing more than a glorified dumb terminal, ruled by a communications program.

So, instead of wasting that wonderful speed and efficiency with the transfer of files, keep an XT (or some sort of a computer with a hard drive that you can transfer to your IBM-compat.) sitting separately and put your computer to work on things a computer is GOOD for!

You’ll save money.  And you’ll be much happier.

–Kenneth Udut
on July 7th, 1992, on his Tandy 1000 TL (286)

Distribute Freely – Released into Public Domain.

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