Do what I can and know when I can do no more and then do something else.

Wow, what you’ve been through dwarfs my experience by 1000x – I suppose I can deal with it because I kind of expect it and I’m really surprised it hasn’t happened to me more often.

There’s not much to do except make phone calls to the right people and then wait. If it leads to another problem, make another phone call then wait. There’s people who handle this stuff, and like most humans, the competence level can be strong or weak, so we still have to “be our own doctor” as it were – take advice, do what you’re supposed to do, pay attention to what happens or doesn’t… but for me, my main overriding goal in life is, Do what I can and know when I can do no more and then do something else.

There’s a lot under that category. Today? I can make a phone call and I made a phone call. Tomorrow, I can see if there is any change. Next week, when due dates come up, if the problem hasn’t been resolved, I can start making phone calls to the companies that this money is supposed to go to – Internet, Mortgage, TV, Phone, Electricity, wherever, and just be like, “Look, gotta wait, here’s why but please don’t punish me for it.” and hope for the best.

Beyond that, sticking to doing the other things I need to do and want to do – stuff that I’d be doing anyway if this hadn’t happened, is the best I can do. I don’t want it to rule my existence… and it easily could… so I work hard to not let myself feel emotionally manipulated. If I let that happen, then I become a one-note Charlie who only talks about this one thing… and there’s other projects I’m working on that are more interesting.

Still, the temptation is there. I’m giving in to it now but I’ll try to restrict it to a few messages here and there and otherwise carry on with things I’d be doing anyway.

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