*Do This Now – Awesome Expe

*Do This Now – Awesome Experience To Have*

_needed: Pen, Paper_

1) Get something to write with. Paper, not computer, and pen/pencil/crayon/blood, doesn’t matter.

2) Find out the date. Write it down on that paper.

3) Find the current time. Write it down on that paper.

4) Write a note to yourself. I don’t care what you write.


”Hi, ___your name___. How are you?”

and you can write what you’re doing right now, like,

* ”I am writing this note”*..

or maybe more than that.

Something to remind your future self perhaps.

”Stay awesome” is always good.

”It’ll be ok”

”I love you” –

”I’m listening to Imagine Dragons and I’m reading a posting by @116220525110856958463who is *amazing and perfect* –

whatever you like.

Doesn’t matter. It’s your note. To you. It’s nobody else’s business.

5) When you’re done, look at the time.

6) Write that time at the bottom.

7) Fold the paper. Trifold, doesn’t matter how you fold it. Heck, just flip it over if you’re really lazy.

8) FIgure out what time it will be in 5 hours.

9) On the spot that’s showing, write what time it will be in 5 hours, with the date.

10) Put it on your dresser, in your pocket, in the bathroom, under the computer keyboard, wherever you *think* you might eventually trip over it in 5 hours.

11) Sometime *after* that 5 hours – doesn’t have to be ”on the dot”, open the note.

It’s something you have to experience.

That is legitimate Time Travel that you just did.

You can change 5 hours to 10 years if you like. I’ve done it many times since I was about 11 years old. It completely expands your mind and makes you see your life and the whole world in a completely different way. It ties all of *time* together and you gain mastery over Time itself. #doctorwho #time #timetravel #future #inspiration

Be skeptical. Don’t believe me? Do it, then. Need an extra push, Lazy One? Ok.

*I dare you*

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