Do rocks think? Maybe a network?!

No, but many rocks may represent a network.

There is a layer of sediment on the bottom of ocean, that when deprived of a certain mineral, form micro filaments, simular to neurons.
They even pass electrical signals over miles and miles.
You could say then, that the ocean, or at least the dirt at the bottom, May be able to “think”, albeit very slowly compared to the high density, low distance neuron structures of mobile animals.”


I like how you think. Reminds me of bacterial networks but on a wider scale. There was a scientist studying this concept at some point in the 50s I believe… part of the “are crystaline structures actually life?” idea that unfortunately was pushed aside after the DNA stuff… but I still think it holds interesting promise.


Considering some of the filiments that *appear* to exist from our earthly perspective (might be illusionary ’cause we only have this perspective here) – nevertheless they provide a fascinating possibility of some kind of communication possible… especially considering the entanglements possible, like dominoes chained together in a sense.


Even *if* it all turned out to be sci-fi fantasy, doesn’t matter. I love filling my head with these possibilities.

Systems thinking – when you see one system, then see another system, wheels within wheels, things functioning at higher levels that seem random at lower levels and visa versa, it reminds me that we’re just barely getting started in our understandings of things.


It’s what keeps me saying “I’m agnostic”. I can’t give an answer to the question. Intelligent deity? A machine functioning beyond our comprehension? Swirls of self-organizing systems which coordinate in punctuated equalibriums creating complex systems operating at multiple levels? I dunno.

All amazing to me. I’m leaning on my table now. There’s communication going on between the electrons of my arms and the electrons of this plastic tabletop.

What’s the nature of this communication? I dunno. They’re interacting. I don’t care if it’s conscious on the same level as me, beyond it or beneath it – fact is, it’s happening regardless.

and I love it.

I was 11 when I first felt it. Sort of overlaid upon reality yet I could see through it too. I tell it sometimes. Anyway, since then, it’s a ‘thing’ I go back to – or recreate or experience new – I can’t describe it as time loses its meaning with that.

And the more you experience it, the more it becomes a part of every moment. The more you learn about the Universe and how things function, the more you can visualize it.

Like here; communication with you right now. It’s very physical. It’s not some wonky energy plane necessary. I can see in my head the chain that goes from my brain to yours and back again, through the computer, wifi, internet, eyes, pressure on fingers – the whole thing. It’s tangible – not so different than a piece of string connecting inside of your head and mine.

I get that sense when I’m communicating with anybody. The push and pull of conversation. When there’s disagreement, agreement, ideas forming concepts within, connecting to existing analogies within the brain to form new memories…

the more I learn about this stuff, the more amazing the world becomes.

I don’t talk about it much because it sounds kooky when I do. But it’s an awesome experience.


I had Sagan as my mentor – and I think the thrust in the 80s and early 90s was more in the agnostic realm and even the atheism of the time was more benign than today, more the likes of Douglas Adams style light mockery over today’s Religion-is-Child-Abuse stuff.

So, for that and other reasons, I couldn’t be atheist. But Science is my main deal over everything. Well, even more than that, engineering. Systems. Processes. Like seeing the world, myself and my actions and thoughts and others as an animated rube goldberg all at once in all of its absurdism and logic combined. It’s marvelous. I wish I could draw as I’ve love to express it in that way, but I use words, little creative videos, music and other ways to express it in a small way.


Newton’s original formulation of inertia had both an outer *and* an inner mechanism… the inner leaving open the possibility of what we’d call a pantheistic (or panentheist) situation. That could allow for a bottom up answer. Or a cooperative answer. So, that’s what keeps it open for me.



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