do it for its own sake

Pathos is something I find interesting; I’d consider the use of Thought Experiments, which are very heavily used in many of the Sciences (although oddly enough, seemingly absent from Chemistry, or so I’ve read) – as Pathos.

But there a level of Pathos that you’re describing that, even still, seems to go beyond imagination of experience and into actual experience.

[not that imagination isn’t actual.. but there is a palpable “something” that happens when you are carried along, not logically, not emotionally or imagination, not impressed by power… but something beyond.. or perhaps it is more of a facet of Pathos that’s seems… different.

Doing something for its own sake; it is play at its purest form, imo.

I tend to believe that all knowledge can be simplified to play of various sorts.  The games are extended and spread out… and by-yourself-play of tossing a ball up and catching it yourself, or tossing ideas around your own head are the same.  The shape of the ball may change; but the hand-that-catches is.. perhaps the Substantia nigra 😛

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