Do I think there’s more do it than this?

Do I think there’s more do it than this?

Yes I do. We are not “just” emergent properties in shifting homeostatic states.
Do I also think this succeeds in covering a lot of territory?
I do also.

a) Damasio’s illustration of ‘levels of automated homeostatic regulation, from simple to complex’, constituting what Panksepp (2005) called “a multi-tiered affectively embodied view of mind”. Illustration from Ziemke (2008: 406); adapted from Damasio (2003: 32). b) Current notions of embodied cognitive science and their historical roots. Adapted from Chemero (2009: 30). From:


I’m partial to all life being a giant 4.6 billion year old slime mold on the planet and we’re emergent processes that bubble up then recede, finding commonality with similars across the organism by common vibrational patterns when momentarily in sync.
But it’s one of many ideas that bubble through my head now and again.

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