dna reconstruction chariots of the gods and 12 year old ken

lol I remember when i was 12 years old and discovering Chariots of the Gods by that Danish guy or Swiss or German? Daniken?  I dunno.  He was Erik to me.

Anyway, I totally devoured it.  Loved it, ran my mind around it; concluded that the reason for the importance of burial in the many religions (including the one I was brought up in) was to ensure that when God the alien came back, he’d bring us bodily back from the dead by rebuilding us from our DNA and reconstructing our brains from the pieces we left behind scattered throughout Time and through interviewing reconstructed people, and decided that I’d get buried instead of cremated and I’d better leave a lot of pieces of myself behind.

Flash forward from the early 80s to the mid-90s.  X-Files came out.  I couldn’t bear to watch it because by then, I’d relegated Ancient Astronauts to the plausible-fiction category (along with most other things, actually) and seeing it on the screen made me go, “Oh no, not again!” – although when I finally allowed myself to watch it in re-runs, I enjoyed the heck out of it just the same

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