Dirty Facebook Ads. You be messin’ with my ego here. *STAHP IT*

Dirty Facebook Ads.  You be messin’ with my ego here.  *STAHP IT*

Making me think I’m famous for a book nobody will buy on a concept I can’t explain properly yet that I challenged myself to put together in 45 minutes (took me an hour and 15) so I could say KENNETH UDUT IS AN AUTHOR! - ’cause Amazon says so….

[instead of stressing out over the perfect book… and I had to get this bug out of my system so I wouldn’t have to work on it obsessively]

Anyway… now this pops up, making me feel, just for second that maybe I’m important wow - less than a second until I realized, I’M THE ONLY ONE WHO SEES THIS STUPID AD – F YOU FACEBOOK

messing with my emotional states… even now… I’mranting.  But I’d rather rant than have false pride over a marketing tool that they profit from.

Screw you Facebook.  You nearly got me believin’…. for maybe 777 milliseconds… I believed u.DAMN-DIRTY-FACEBOOK-TRICK


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