Difference between knowledge and understanding: 5 ways -wordnet [wnconnect]

Difference between knowledge and understanding: 5 ways -wordnet [wnconnect]

Instance #1:
Knowledge is closer to: “Perception”
Understanding is closer to: “Discernment”.

Instance #2:
Knowledge is an attitude
Understanding is more akin to sympathy.

Instance #3:
Knowledge is of the brain
Understanding is of the intellect.
In this one, knowledge and understanding seem to be identical/ interchangeable terms, at least to me.

Instance #4:
Knowledge is a belief.
Understanding is an agreement.

Instance #5:
Knowledge is a power/ability
Understanding is a reasoning/intellect.

I’m not sure which one of these I lean towards when I talk about the distinction between knowledge and understanding: Likely #5 appeals most to me:

For example: I mentioned “parroting” can = knowledge without understanding.

But understanding without knowledge could be using your faculties to comprehend as best you can using your reasoning skills, even if you lack full knowledge: you do the best you can with what you have.
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