Did you know there’s fewer people cataloging critters on Earth now?

It’s popular BECAUSE it’s woo-ish.

Thing is: EVERY FIELD of Science has it’s “woo” bits but the public LOVES QM because… well, a) Science channel and all the Science advocates LOVE talking Astrophysics and QM *as if* they’re the ONLY TWO SCIENCES THAT MATTER….


b) They bring us to the “really tiny” and the “really big” and are the areas that have the MOST speculation and are the LEAST scientific.

They’re PRECISE: I’m not faulting the Standard Model at all, or QED, or QCD….

…but dang, there’s a LOT of SCIENCES out there. And guess what?

Most Science is *messy* and complicated, not neat-and-orderly at all.

They don’t “fall into each other” like Russian/Chinese nesting dolls with QM at the root.

Right now, that’s FANTASY.

There’s so many fields because they DON’T CONNECT TOGETHER well.

Ok, maybe there’s too many – we only NEED about 5 or 6 Sciences in total… but still, the bridges AREN’T there, which is why they’re separate.

Ultimately, an “everything” _might_ happen someday, but we’re not there yet.

It’s religious to believe the connection is already here.

It does a disservice to the other sciences that QM keeps getting ALL the press.

Did you know there’s fewer people cataloging critters on Earth now?

Why? Because we’ve been given this, “We almost have it all figured out now” idea from media… and the major promoters of Science.

But they’re not promoting Science: They’re promoting Astrophysics and Quantum Mechanics.

That’s about it.

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