Did you know that *where* you

^Did you know that *where* you live can eventually kill you?

Death from food. The Florida Department of Agriculture just released an interactive map showing the amount of Food Related Deaths in the state of Florida. This is Collier County, FL (some of it). Their hypothesis s that we need access to fresh food; grocery stores, USDA Farmer’s markets that the areas with the most food related deaths might be linked. Well, in the case of Collier County, I suspect some of the food related deaths might be due to overly *fancy* eating; but if you go over to the East coast of Florida, you can see a speckled breakdown, almost neighborhood by neighborhood; and it’s possible their hypothesis is correct; without access to fresh food sources that are affordable, people will continually turn to fast food and other less-than-optimal sources of food for themselves or their families.

They also have a break down by zip code of SNAP recipients that you can activate on the map. Neat stuff to know.



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