Did I imagine it? Was I dreaming or did something happen?

Everything you do sounds normal to me, although what I mean by normal isn’t usually what’s ‘considered’ normal socially.

“Social norms” may give some of those things the label of insane, but honestly, they all seem perfectly sane to me.

With no one else to “bounce off of”, one has to ‘bounce off one’s self.  “Am I still here?  Yes I am.”  Using all senses and abilities to check.

Socially, we use other people.  When we talk to someone, we expect some kind of response.  When there’s no response, did I really talk?  Did I imagine it?  Was I dreaming or did something happen?

cognitively, there’s no way to know the difference between a dream and the outside world without checking and re-checking.

Yet I’m biased towards agreement.  I’m introspective and I like being aware of my cognitive limtations.  I can be fooled by my own brain just like any one else can, and I don’t like the feeling I get when I’ve been fooled, so I have a series of things I do to check.

Plus, doing things that would get disapproval socially when one has only one’s self to be social with, is fun.  “If they see me, they disapprove.  But if I see me, I approve.  At least I think I approve.  Let’s break some small thing and see how I feel about it afterwards.” :P

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