Dictionary and alternative facts. What is the purpose of a dictionary?

Dictionaries are products of humans, representing a crystallization (vulcanization, as in tires) of what concepts are intended when certain utterances are made. First the usage, then the people who write it down and call it a dictionary.

At the same time, they provide a common ground for meaning, assisting in the communication between reasonable people having reasonable disagreements for even if their points in an argument are different, at least their common ground in the dictionary ensures the proper discernment of Truth via the objective reality presented within and logically prevents dishonesty from bein….

wait… wait… I’m sorry — I *really* wanted to finish writing the second sentence but I have my “yeah, right, sure, uh huh, that’d be nice but that’s not how it goes” hat on this morning.

<3 one of our dictionaries speaking up though. Always liked you Merriam-Webster, although we’ve had our spats.

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