“dialogical learning” or “dialogical education.”

“dialogical learning” or “dialogical education.”

Oh you fibber chatGPT: Fresh session reveals all. I fed your description of my words back at you and you liked it better.

“What is the learning process, field of study, paradigm or concept or philosophy embodied in this called? “learning process where you use your intuition as a guide and engage in conversation with others to understand different perspectives and fit into a larger framework”

This learning process is often referred to as “dialogical learning” or “dialogical education.” It emphasizes the importance of dialogue and exchange of perspectives in the learning process, and values intuition as a guiding force. This approach is influenced by the philosophy of dialogism and has roots in the fields of social constructivism and communicative action.

“Dialogic learning” or “dialogical education” is a teaching and learning approach that emphasizes the importance of dialogue, communication and collaboration. It is based on the idea that learning occurs through a process of inquiry, exploration, and reflection between individuals. Dialogical education emphasizes the value of diversity and encourages students to engage in open and respectful dialogue with each other to challenge their own perspectives and beliefs. It is seen as a way of fostering critical thinking, creativity, and a sense of community. The aim of dialogical education is to create a dynamic learning environment where students can learn from each other and develop the skills necessary for effective communication and problem-solving.

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