desperation letter that i never sent… wow. And you’ve _almost_ done this b4.

Hi group!

I (Kenneth Udut) need a job. Quickly! I’ve been lucky to have been […] six years now and have been running a good […] which has been providing enough income to help my […] , but with my [….] in two weeks, […] is going […].

I need to make: $1500/month or $375/week take home MINIMUM to *just* […]
I’m a computer guy, sitting in front of a computer 8+ hours a day and I can do whatever is needed that involves a computer. I’m a Microsoft Excel guru but I also can do bookkeeping (not my favorite, but it’s not hard), ANY kind of typing/data entry (110 wpm), I can learn any programming language if I don’t know it already.

Basically, I’m an old fashioned “whiz-kid” with computers (36 years old now, so not a kid anymore). I have to revise my resume – but I’ll be happy to write or talk about my experience until I get the resume updated.

If you can help, PLEASE […..]

$375/week minimum take-home for $1500/month needed.

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