dESKmate sound and music doesn’t work when printer is connected – advice i gave in tvdog tandy faq

III.B.4. DeskMate Sound and Music won’t work when the printer is connected but not turned on. What gives?

Ken Udut provided the following information:

Re: Deskmate sound/music doesn’t work with printer turned [off].I will find the offical Tandy explanation. But it has to do with the fact that the digitial chip is also used with the printer (as well as the joysticks). I don’t know how/why they did it, and the official explanation says more.


1) Make certain that your printer is on before you boot the computer up. This usually works.

2) Unplug the printer cable from the back of the computer, or the back of the printer. This always works.

NOTE: If you boot up the computer without the printer on, and Deskmate Sound/Music or other programs using the Tandy DAC don’t work right (plays only a portion then stops, doesn’t play at all, or makes an awful bleep-bleep-bleep-bleep while playing the music), turn the printer on -now-, and see if that helps it.

Here is the official Tandy explanation:

Does your sound sometimes fail to work when you have a printer connected to your 2500 XL? There’s a simple answer. There is a single chip that controls printer, sound and joystick. If you have a printer connected to your 2500 XL, it should be powered on before you boot the computer. If it’s connected and not powered up, the chip will get confused. Turn the printer on, and reboot. Everything should work fine. If the printer is disconnected, of course, it will also work fine.

(The 2500XL has the same PSSJ chip as the 1000SL’s, TL’s, RL’s, RLX’s, and RSX’s.)

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