#deskmate – looked better

#deskmate – looked better than #windows – it had colors!

*It’s perfectly Safe, Mom, we met online first! – Ken, 1990*

And there’s #pclink – an online service you’ve never heard of. It became #AmericaOnline or #AOL 1993: The #year the #Internet went public.

Thanks to these guys.

Without them… well, the Internet would most likely still be only something that kids that went to #college ever got to use, which is what it was before that.

Ran up so many bills. I called friends from around the world that I met in #chatrooms on there and we’d talk for hours and hours about… nothing.

Got on a few #greyhound buses too. My poor mom. ”You don’t know these people!” – ”But Mom, we met online! It’s safe!”

And it always worked out, so I can’t complain.

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