Deskmate 3 – Giant List of Programs by Kenneth Udut

dm_progs			    The Giant List of Deskmate 3 Programs v1.00
							   Kenneth Udut
This is a list of all Deskmate programs.  Feel free to contact me if
you know of any things to be added, corrected, changed, etc.

Here is a list of previous Deskmates and their approximate dates.
I would like information on the CoCo and Model IV Deskmates, as I
don't know much about them.

Deskmate 1 - Versions bundled with Tandy 1000/A/HD/EX/SX

Deskmate 2 - Included Personal Deskmate and Professional Deskmate.
		Bundled with Tandy 1000 HX, TX.	 Look and feel are VERY
		similar to Deskmate 3, and the programs will almost ALL
		work with Deskmate 3.  Some third party applications
		were written for Deskmate 2, but I don't know what they
		were.  Anyone know?

Deskmate 3 - Versions bundled with Tandy 1000 RL/SL/TL/RLX, 2500SX, and
		available for the 1000 RSX, the most mysterious and last
		Tandy 1000.  Was also available standalone to work with
		*any* computer (version 3.05).	Each version bundled
		with the Tandy computers was different.

		3.00 - on ROM chip in SL/TL
		3.01 - Mysterious "SWITCH.EXE" is really Deskmate 3.01.
		3.02 - on ROM chip in SL/2 TL/2
		3.03 - on ROM chip in TL/2
		3.04 - on ROM chip in RL
		3.05 - on ROM chip in 2500SX, 1000RSX(?).  Available
		       for $99.95 at Radio Shacks for standard IBM
		       compatibles.  Discounted at $19.95 and is worth
		       picking up.  Spanish version still for sale
		       as of late 1994.
		3.05.22 - on ROM chip with RLX(?).  Includes some VERY
		       customized programs.

============================					      \
			    The Giant List of Deskmate 3 Programs v1.00>
============================					      /
NOTE: A * before name means it can run standalone - without Deskmate.
      A ? somewhere means I'm not sure, or I don't know.  It also
	  means, if you know - please tell me :-)
*DESKMATE 3	 Main program.	Includes many programs.	 Friendly!
		 Made by Tandy Corp.

*QUICKEN 2	 Checkbook balancer, personal accounting program.
		 Made by INTUIT.

*MEMORYMATE	 Freeform database program.  Allows you to store an
		 unlimited amount of text and other things and search
		 through it all at will.  I (Ken) have been using this
		 program since 1988, and I have to say that I will be
		 using it forever.  All of my little scraps of notepaper
		 go into MemoryMate, and I use it.  I could not live
		 without it.  Oh, and you can make HyperText documents
		 with it very very easily.  All of my important E-mail
		 is kept in MemoryMate, and linked together with buttons.
		 Made by Broderbund.

*VENTURE	 Business Plan writer.	Includes its OWN text editor,
		 as well as schedulers, and others for the small businessman.
		 Made by Star Software.

*HOME LAWYER	 Home Legal Advisor.  It allows you to create professional
		 legal documents without a lawyer.  Bill of sale, letters
		 to creditors, and other things adults unfortunately need
		 to do once in a while.
		 Made by ?

*Q&A WRITE	 Word processor.  Uses printer fonts.  Includes
		 ability to mailmerge in more flexible ways than TEXT.
		 You can edit much larger files.
		 Made by ?

*HOMEWORD II	 Word processor.  WYSIWYG.
		 Made by Sierra Online.

*GRAMMER CHECKER I may have the wrong name of this.  Corrects grammer
		 Made by ?

*PC-LINK	 How could I forget this?  Online nationwide service.
		 Requires modem.  I was a member for about 2/3 years before
		 running low on money and leaving.  Still active.  It runs
		 right along with America Online - it is the same service,
		 but two different pricing schemes, and one uses Deskmate,
		 the other uses Geoworks.
		 Messages appear in pretty, scrollable screens and it is
		 a whole other universe.  Online games such as Neverwinter
		 Nights, take full advantage of your Tandy 1000's enhanced
		 graphics and sound capabilities (no digital sounds though).
		 Made by Quantum Computer Services
		 Now known as America Online Inc

*ONLINE!	 Terminal Program for Deskmate.	 Hard to find, but I've
		 heard it is excellent!	 Does not include Zmodem protocol,
		 but includes all of the others.
		 Made by Sierra Online.

*FIRST PUBLISHER Desktop Publishing program that set certain standards and
		 formats in the IBM world.  Prints at 75dpi, but allows you
		 to use laser printer downloadable fonts!

*EXPRESS PUBLISHER Desktop publishing program.	Has stricter requirements
		   than any other Deskmate program I've seen.  Requires
		   580K to be FREE, which is easy enough using MS-DOS 3.30,
		   but if you've moved up to MSDOS 5/6 you may
		   not have enough free memory on your 1000.  It prints at
		   the highest resolution of the printer.  Uses Deskmate 3.05
		   fonts (Atech fonts), and includes lots of clip art.
		   It's not nearly as speedy as First Publisher, but it
		   does the trick.  Requires hard drive, unlike most
		   Deskmate programs.
		   Made by ?

*FORM FINISHER	 If you fill out forms repetatively, like UPS forms,
		 federal documents, etc., Form Finisher helps you create
		 a reproduction of forms in Form Finisher, and then you
		 treat it like the paper form, only it's on the computer now!
		 Say goodbye to the thrice copied-by-the-time-you-got-it
		 EPA forms!  Put it in Form Finisher, and you have something
		 nice to send back, with less work.  Prints on all printers.
		 Made by ?

*MUSIC STUDIO 3	 Sophisticated music creating/editing/printing program.
		 Allows multiple staffs, and plays over Tandy 3-voice
		 sound (and digitized, if the *L series).  Compatible with
		 Roland MPU and some other MIDI systems!  Not compatible
		 with SoundBlaster, unless someone has an emulator for the
		 Roland/other systems listed.  Includes its OWN sound
		 editor, and the sounds are compatible with Deskmate's
		 Many many songs are available for this on PC-Link/AOL.
		 Made by Activision.

*FILEPRO	 Surpurb Database program!  Import/Export Deliminated
		 ASCII, Lotus 1-2-3, and Dbase III/IV formats!	The
		 Query screen is the same as the Form (which is RARE,
		 and something I wish Paradox for Windows here at work
		 had!).	 It is very fast, and includes a very sophisticated
		 Screen Painting program, which allows you to made your
		 data entry/data viewing screens look just like you want
		 them to.  And, as always, you can copy to the clipboard
		 from DRAW, and paste it in filePro!
		 A friend of mine on Delphi uses filePro to keep track
		 of milk on her dairy farm.
		 Made by ?

*LOTUS 1-2-3	 Home version of Lotus 1-2-3.  Completely compatible with
		 regular Lotus 1-2-3 except for Macros and Add-ons.
		 Spreadsheet, graphing, database functions.
		 Made by Lotus.

*MAVIS BEACON	 Surpurb typing tutor!	I've watched my speed go from
		 55 wpm up to 85 wpm in a matter of months!  Accurately!
		 The original disks are copy protected.
		 Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing is its official name.
		 Made by ?

*TYPING TUTOR IV Another excellent typing tutor!  I bought and installed
		 it in the local Cerebral Palsy center where I once
		 volunteered.  I started some of the older kids on the
		 tutor, and watched them go from being only able to
		 play games on the computer, to being able to type
		 accurately!  Includes Letter Invaders, a game that
		 is rather like Missle Command.	 Letter Invaders also
		 comes with the Tandy 1000 RLX Deskmate.
		 Made by ?

*DESKMATE SDK	 The Deskmate Software Development Kit!	 Includes
		 everything you need to write programs in Deskmate.
		 Requires Microsoft C compiler (version 4.0 is fine)
		 Includes sections on programming with the Tandy
		 sound chips and special graphics modes.  Tandy was
		 the first company to put out a development kit for
		 their integrated environment (Deskmate).
		 Available from Tandy Corp @ $299.  You may be lucky
		 enough to find a used copy, but not too likely!
		 Made by Tandy Corp.

*ESPER		 Directory/File management program.  Allows you to run
		 most common MS-DOS commands from within Deskmate!
		 Look in PCM Magazine or 1000 Magazine for advertisements.
		 Made by Bob Jack Software.  Independantly sold.

There are also tons of education software made under Deskmate's
Interface.  Can anybody help me with the names/what they do?

DESKMATE COMPANIONS: Programs that require Deskmate 3 to be installed.
 THESARUS	 I'm at work and without Deskmate & spell checker,
		 so I probably spelled it wrong.  Look up alternative
		 words in Deskmate TEXT - one of the handiest things
		 I've used!
		 Made by Tandy Corp.

 HOME ORGANIZER	 15 extra programs, originally bundled with RL,
		 offered separately due to HUGE customer request.
		 It carries the Goodhousekeeping Seal of Approval!
		 Made by Tandy Corp.

 MACROS		 For making boilerplates, running everyday tasks, you
		 can automate them with Macros.	 When installed, it's
		 found either under F10 or under F10 | SETUP | F2
		 Very simple to use!
		 Made by Tandy Corp.

 GRAPHS		 Make colorful graphs using data generated by anything,
		 as it imports Deliminated ASCII, as well as other
		 formats.  Includes special color printer driver that
		 only works with GRAPHS for the Citizen/Tandy color
		 dot matrix printers/emulators!
		 Made by Star Software.

 FINANCIAL ASSISTANT Make complex calculations easily!	Even Amortization!
		     Made by Star Software.

 SCHOOLMATE	 Networks school computers together, provides
		 special Deskmate programs for teachers and students.
		 Includes a DeskMate BBS (internal) and E-Mail.
		 Made by Tandy Corp.

 WORKGROUP COMP. Workgroup Companion.  Connect two computer together
		 with serial cable, or many computer with LAN cards.
		 Run Deskmate software from another computer!  A
		 Tandy 1000 HX, for example, hooked with a TandyLink
		 card, can run the Deskmate programs off of a Tandy
		 1000 TL/3, even if the HX only has floppy drives!!
		 Includes Deskmate BBS (internal), chat modes, and
		 E-Mail.  Also a special shared calender and address book,
		 so that many people can access their stuff, but not yours!
		 Made by Tandy Corp.

	Recipe Importer - allows you to import recipes into the
			  recipe database in Home Organizer.
	DMCLIP - Convert DRAW files into .CLP art!
	  Both made by Tandy Research and Development.	Available
	  on PC-Link/AOL, as well as ftp site
	  under pub/trs/Tandy1000.

       *Test Drive of LOTUS 1-2-3  Available on PC-Link/AOL
       *Test Drive of Q&A WRITE	   Available on PC-Link/AOL

Mysteries - Deskmate programs that might have existed, but I just don't know.

*DACEASY ACCTING I haven't tracked it down, but I've spoken to people who
		 have used it in the past.  DacEasy made a version of their
		 fabulous personal/business accounting software for
		 Deskmate.  If anyone tracks it down, please let me know.

*PAINT POWER	 I may have the name wrong, and it may not have ever truly
		 existed.  In the 1990 catalog, there exists a painting
		 program for Deskmate.	You can create .GIF and .PCX with
		 this program, save them, print them, contort them, etc.
		 Tandy has no record of anything ever having existed with
		 its catalog number, and software replacement (which has
		 EVERYTHING!) from Tandy hasn't heard of it.
*FILEPRO PROFESSIONAL  Everything regular filePro does, but with absolutely
		       NO limits.  filePro allows unlimited records, but
		       limits you to 99 fields (as if that's a limitation!).
		       But filePro Professional allows an unlimited
		       amount of fields, which is a rarity indeed!
		       Includes many many extra features.
		       Unfortunately, it never made it to the stores.
		       A listing on the back of filePro's box is all
		       that I know of it.

NOTE: A * before name means it can run standalone - without Deskmate.
      A ? somewhere means I'm not sure, or I don't know.  It also
	  means, if you know - please tell me :-)

21-SEP-94			   Kenneth Udut (

In 1990, Tandy Corp. went through a lot of changes.  One of which
was the firing of the head of the Deskmate development team.  No one
replaced him, and no one was able to do the work he did.

They were able to add new things to Deskmate, but future development
of Deskmate was not going to come through Tandy.

Tandy Corp was also changing their focus with computers.  In 1993, the
last Tandy 1000 was released, the mysterious Tandy 1000 RSX.  It was
a Tandy 1000, and it wasn't.  A hybred.	 Could be fitted with Windows
or Deskmate, your choice.  Included the awesome additional programs
that came with the RLX, but it was odd.	 The last in the lot.
The final Tandy 1000.

The Tandy Sensation, which came afterwards, was to be the final original
Tandy computer.	 It was the be all and the end all.  We had the
Sensation, the Sensation/2 and now, the 1995 catalogs are out.
Outside of the durable Tandy laptop, everything else seems like a generic
computer with a Tandy sticker.	Oh, and to replace the Sensation,
a monster 486/66 with everything the Sensation had in it, for the same
price.	And WinMate?  Well, you'll notice that it has something called
AST Works on it.  It looks astonishingly familiar.  AST now manufactures
Tandy computers.

But the game isn't over yet.

It looks brighter than one might expect.  The Software Development Kit
has changed around a few hands recently.  New people with new ideas that
love the Tandy 1000 and love Deskmate.	The Tandy 1000 series of computers
sits on kitchen countertops, bedrooms and home offices all around the
country.  Tandy sold the highest quantity of computers during the heydays
of their Tandy 1000 series period of time.  They are everywhere!

Why don't you see too many for sale?  Because people use them!	People
trade them to little cousins, to parents, to children.	It is almost
like a legacy passing around.

And "The Friendly Face of Deskmate" will stay around longer than
anyone in the computer industry expects.  Deskmate has caught a niche.
People who want a friendly computer.  Dependable one.  Deskmate never
crashes!  And Tandy 1000's simply don't die.

Time and time again, people who buy Tandy 1000 series computers use them
and depend on them.  When everybody around them telling them to upgrade
gets to them, sometimes they do it.  And regret it.

And some, like the author, go back to Tandy.  It's a slower model, but
it's a workhorse, and it is dependable.	 It's never going to die.

Neither will the legacy of the Tandy 1000.


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