Derp there it is. #Fourier

Derp there it is. #Fourier Because it is named after the inventor, this silly word kept popping up over and over again, like this mysterious ”thing” that was beyond my understanding. So I ignored it.

Then I saw this. And I was like, #derp there’s the thing I was missing: A way to show frequency and time in the same place.

Ok, now it’s just a matter of folding the Time into it so it shows up as a particular shape, and show its connectivity to all other photons (real + ‘virtual” ugh, hate that term for real-stuff – well, it’s ALL real) – and BOOM, DONE.

what’ I’d end up with is an inverted map of the entire universe and everything in it over the entire field of Time at the same time.

Then all you have to do is insert the electrons and nuclei into the holes, remove the photons and boom, you’ve got a static picture of everything that ever was, is or will be in one map.

Or ,better still, keep the holes and you can trace everywhere everything will ever be.

Or look at a particular geographical location at a particular point in time, then trace its path through the holes that it will create, and you have an easy way to predict the future.

Easy. Yeah right. But I think it’ll be doable for the photons working hard in our brains, coming in through our eyes, exciting the electrons in our neurons, the ones that create new memories….

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