Everything you have ever known and everything you have ever experienced combines in a singular moment whereby a strange familiarity looms over the scene.

You recognize that colored square over there.

You remember hearing these words, long ago.

You know what they’re about to say before they say it.

The smell is the same as that somewhere, deep in the furthest reaches of your past.

Sometimes you don’t know from when.

Sometimes you can identify EXACTLY when you last had this feeling.

Yet then, when you research it, you find out that, no, this is new.

Yet… it’s also very old.

It is ancient.

Beyond time itself.

So from whence does it arise?

It arises from everything you have ever known and everything you have ever experienced, combined into a singular moment where the laws of physics cease to relate and for just a moment, you have tripped over a stitch in Time and seen just a glimpse of the tapestry of all things possible.

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