*deercam2 3322 org*

on K

*deercam2 3322 org*

on Ken’s Server, you get worldedit on your plots. Right away, first day, no wait. we have over 2200 occupied regular plots, 600 BIGPLOTS 400×400 – PLUS lots of factions in our ‘wild’ (survival warps.

plus equestria, land of ooo, and two new pokemon world – and we get adventure maps in all the time. 1.4.5 — usually not laggy – sometimes it is. 27 slots – it’s full sometimes, but you can always squeeze in. And the friendliest staff, hand picked by me.

It’s not that i need members, I need people to help me take over the world in kindness, niceness, and the creation of good people, the conversation of griefers and spamers into upstanding citizens who understand the power of GOOD.

Is it derpy of me? Prolly. But so far, of the thousands of visitors who came through and the thousand or so who stay and keep coming back over and over and over again – and the hundreds of daily visitors to my little laptop sitting on the back porch of my Everglades Florida home — it’s been working out really well.

So join the cult of Awesomeness that is Ken’s Server. deercam2.3322.org – or ken.ignorelist.com

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