decouplining situations and emotional responses.

Yeah, I had to learn to decouple my emotions starting when I was 11 years old, well, actually by 8, but at 11 I could do no more on my own and my mother sent me to biofeedback training for a few months once a week. I learned to breath through my feet, be a warm bottle in the sun, listen to these strange cassette tapes with new age (early 80s style… and… new age style really hasn’t progressed) and breath.

It was called the “QR Method” which doesn’t really exist anymore, but the ‘gist’ of it is as old as the hills.

I’ll be 43 in a couple of weeks, and while I’ve added cigarettes to the breathing method sometimes, just the same, I still do it to this day. It works.

I also have a mental slogan: “You will not emotionally manipulate me.”

I wanted to punch Sarah McLaughlin, the ASPCA (or whoever did it) for their Arms of an Angel commercial, because I know just how MUCH research and psychology goes behind emotional manipulation for advertising. And when I felt a slight “choking up” feeling in the first commercial, I mentally stopped myself, and was simultaneouly impressed by their success, (I was like, “You ALMOST got me, you ….”) and annoyed because of all the millions of dollars they were going to rake in by emotional manipulation techniques.

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