death penalty will eventally lead to eugenics. just wait. nothing i can do though.

They’re people, not numbers. It may be expensive but what value human life? Insurance agents have numbers of course.

If we go the route of execution, we will eventually get to the road of Eugenics and control the genes for producing proper humans. It’s a dangerous direction… and probably where we’ll end up. [One of my relatives signed the Declaration of Eugenics in 1939; learned that while doing geneology research.. and whlie it’s logical and productive for society… it may fundamentally change who we are.

Once you start choosing between who is valid and who is invalid life… where do you stop choosing? It has no natural ending.

My world will never exist of course. Death penalties will continue, wars and people killing over some kind of righteous indignation or “just cause” will continue (it’s irrational to believe they won’t continue at least in some form – we’ve never not had them somewhere in the world).

Still, I don’t have to like it.

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