Deaf-blind children communication strategies:

Deaf-blind children communication strategies:

Colin, contact point (25 out of 110);
Sidney, pat own head (11 out of 38);
Sierra, touch or tap an object (66 out of 326);
Dean, push an object (12 out of 42);
Amy, coactive clapping (78 out of 274);
Mason, reach with one hand (46 out of 127); and
Tyler, reach with one hand (30 out of 114).

Reaching was another gesture that was commonly expressed by all the children.
The rates of reaches (one-handed and two-handed) are combined and presented with the total gesture rate:
Colin: 15 out of 110,
Sidney: 16 out of 38,
Sierra: 47 out of 326,
Dean: 13 out of 42,
Amy: 56 out of 274,
Mason: 53 out of 127, and
Tyler: 32 out of 114.

Push a person
Push a person’s hand
Pull a person’s hand
Push an object
Pull an object
Hand an object to another
Touch or tap a person
Touch or tap an object
Take another’s hands
Put another’s hand on
Take a person to
Motor reenactment
Motor reenactment with distance
Position a hand shape
Shape more than hands
Coactive clapping
Pound one’s chest
Pat one’s head
Turn away
Lean toward
Lean and reach
Lean and lick
Reach—one hand
Reach—two hands
Palm up
Raise one’s hand
High five
Point (contact—approximation)
Point (contact)
Point (distal approximation)
Point (distal)
Shake one’s head
“More” gesture
Flapping arms
Fingers wiggling in face
Reach with a foot or a leg
Driving motion
Pull other’s hand and reach
Stamp one’s foot
Kiss kiss

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