day after election, unofficial sarcastic trump day at us schools


So nephew comes home. Today was Trump Day where everybody suddenly pretended to be trump supporters all all sarcastically. 6th grade. Everything’s sarcastic. So a kid on his bus drew this this morning. He wanted to use a nazi symbol but knew he’d get in big trouble if he did. So, substitution.


it wasn’t officially trump day. it was just a kid thing. People would say “Build the Wall” whenever someone did something stupid. and the drawing was on the bus.


i’m not surprised by his win, just concerned about after effects. nephew’s making a card game right now (6th grade), and his power card will be a swastika (he just asked me how to spell it). “deals 100 damage, if opponent is innocent type, instakill” – live report (he’s working nearby making a card game on index cards). The future will be interesting.




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