Dawkins lives in a simple world with two answers

Sounds like something Dawkins says. He’s consistent at least.
“Something’s bad? Religion’s fault. Remove religion. Problem solved”.
“Something’s good? It’s related to evolution somehow.”
He has two buttons that he presses back and forth,

Dawkins lives in a simple world with two answers. He doesn’t press the second button as much as he used to – I liked Dawkins back when he was all about evolution and a little snippy about religion. But man, he changed. I can no longer take him seriously.

Is it politics? No, religion.
Is it thirst for power? No, religion.
Is it family legacy? No, religion.
Is it money? No, religion.

From the outside, it sounds astonishingly ridiculous.
From the inside, I’m sure it makes a lot of sense.
At least you’re in good company as Dawkins seems to hold popular opinion, at least online.
Apparently the world offline is still doing what it did before the Internet. I hear they still print newspapers somewhere.

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