Dawkins: He sure likes to sell it.

He sure likes to sell it. His tweets sometimes read like hope for the poor and pretend wisdom for the fool. He knows how to make atheism sound downright amazing. I should give him a P.T. Barnum award if there was such a thing.

To me, something so marvelous should sell itself but I’m skeptical of all promoters, no matter what the product.
I see ongoing reports: Atheists have higher IQs, some dubious reports about higher incomes (which, when pricked a little, are usually geographically bound statistics and not generally applicable) and such, all of which sound like selling hope.

I dunno. I’m a skeptic. I’ve had people try to sell me on many things through the years. You can sell somebody for your product, against the competition’s product, or do both at the same time. But selling is selling.

Sure, there’s knowledge. Information. More-or-less agnostic (general term), bias-lowered data *is* possible but even there, one has to keep both ears open, both eyes open, brain engaged.

For me, I try to be aware: Am I becoming the mouthpiece of someone else? if so, who? Am I ok with being their mouthpiece? I don’t ask that of everybody or indeed, anybody, but it’s one of the criteria I try to gauge my own outputtings with.

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