David, you suffer from very short term memory loss. That’s a good thing. It will serve you well ’til 2021.

David, you suffer from very short term memory loss. That’s a good thing. It will serve you well ’til 2021.

I’m ready for what a real Trump presidency will be like.

Are you?


I think you weren’t ready for him to win. You’re still fighting the same tired “us vs liberal establishment” battles from months ago.

On the other hand, I’m prepared for 4 years of Trump. He holds no surprises for me. I don’t have to make excuses for him.


Once upon a time, the only right wing on the internet were university scholar conservatives. The left wing though was always on the internet from bottom to top educated.

It’s only in the past few years that the regular right wing got on the internet. So, it’s been an interesting shift in demographic.


Right wing conspiracies usually self-implode and what they’re left with is no substance.


The right wing never stops bitching about the left, while the left carries on trying new things.

Who gets involved in lengthy, tax-payer wasteful investigations over minute things? Right wing and their conspiracies.


Beats the inevitable march of time into suffering, death and decay.


I like being contrary. If this was a left-wing group, I’d be arguing the conservative point of view. [not the pseudo or alt-right pov – they’re just playing at political discourse)


I like being the contrary one in majority groups This happens to be an alt right majority group so it’s been fun. But if I find myself in a liberal group, I start talking more conservative.

But in both cases, I like either instigating the majority or being the “white guy who can sum up what’s happening in good sounding rhetoric”.


Are there? They’re no fun. It’s easy to trigger an alt right / pseudoconservative so that’s been my fun.


The predecessor for this group was specifically created to house the alt right away from a philosophy group. That’s how i know it’s alt right, at least by origin.


When my nephew was 10, he liked running around the house after his younger cousins yelling “Allahu Akbar” at them. It was hysterically funny.


What you said there is poetic and I want to agree with it, but as it’s been running through my head (poetic things do that with me), there’s something that doesn’t quite fit with it.

Who are the strong people? What is the metric of good times? What is considered “weak”? What makes ‘times’ considered ‘tough’ vs not tough?


I’ve heard it said that Pence is Trump’s insurance policy.

But I don’t think it would matter. Someone willing to actually do that isn’t right in the head.

The people that were chanting ‘kill hillary’ were equally nutso. It only takes one to do it and it’s dangerous when leaders stir up trouble like that.


But assassination is unfortunately one of the four likely endings to Trump not making it to 2021.


he didn’t have sex before marriage, he didn’t kiss on the first date, he was a scholar and a gentleman, he kissed puppies and pet babies, the flowers grew where he stepped….

Thank you. That was a well considered response. You have a long-history-view mindset which has my respect. Systems thinking. I don’t see much of it around so I enjoy it when I do.

So, when you say strong you refer to leaders. That _can_ be a little tricky to determine. For example, I see that Obama was a strong leader Politically, I’d consider him center left but with plenty of right as well. Actually, I’d say that every President from Reagan on were politically center for the most part.

I never saw much difference between each of them. All were strong, authoritative Presidents US War policy never changed with any of them, not really. Domestic policies shifted around but I didn’t see significant modifications to existing programs. [of course they are significant if you are affected – for example, I was negatively affected by a Reagan era thing where mortgages were counted as asset instead of liability which made finishing college impossible for me back in 1990/91]….

..but even with that, in general, all very similar.

This election cycle was distinctive in the campaign rhetoric and idealism on both left and right have taken the center and pulled it apart – but only apparently.

Within the systems as they are, law and order is still king. We’re still involved in proxy wars with Russia as we’ve always been since communism fell.

So, to determine the strong/weak times, it’d probably be necessary to really stretch to longer timeframes… and probably incorporate economies as well as politics.

Things can get lost in generalities though but having heard your further thoughts on it, your ideas do seem plausible.



That was campaign rhetoric though to gather votes. But what a show it was to say it during a debate. That was definitely something out of a 1990s movie plot.



Love this kid. My nephew’s generation HATES him and even though I’ve explained how he’s being cringy on purpose to get ppl to hate him for more views.. he’s like, “I know that.. I know how it works but still… I can’t help it… Misha’s still cancer”… as he walks back into the house singing one of his songs…


if you consider the state of the diverse governments in the world and the peoples and subcultures all at once, it seems to me that the world is and always was anarchy.


This guy knows a few things. Might be nothing new but if it’s your kind of thing to stay political, this is actually the stuff that functions.

· what’s interesting to me is that this sounds very old fashioned to me. and yet… when you really think about politics.. it *is* old fashioned. In the real world, Trump’s win had less to do with online than these kinds of efforts. Still wrapping my brain around this reality as I’ve been online for so many years and it always seems so important. And yet, the maority of ppl really *do* meet in person, talk in person, do stuff in person. Still weird to me as I’m used to life behind glass way but I *think* maybe I’ve been seeing this upside down. Still running it through my head though.



i’m posting weird google images that show how the world has viewed fascism over time, that’s not some new fun thing that seems powerful to give an idea where the public perception of fascism is across time and space haha


well, they kinda went fascist by hijacking science media and using it to promote an anti-religious agenda, so there’s that.


i’ve always been a science nut so when i saw the weird mix of media, capitalism, authoritarisn, popular press and the new atheist movement not only gaining popularity but taking over the science media stuff i enjoyed…. to me, it was fascism.

Took something I enjoyed and created this weird army of ppl that *think* they know science but are just regurgitating BS they heard from one of the 6-7 big shots. Drives me nuts.



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