David McRaney: An Alternative Timeline Kenneth Udut. Now I don’t have to do what he does, because I’m doing it, just over there instead.



 David McRaney’s body of work in a nutshell: “You don’t know and I don’t know and that’s why we’re stupid and isn’t it awesome because this is what we think we know right now, but that could be wrong too, so don’t get *too* comfortable, because maybe it’s right yet we’ll never know because we’re certain like octopuses are certain… maybe.”

  • I’m always on the lookout for “alternative timeline Ken’s” – that’s ‘mes’ that happened to be born at different times, with different parents, in different places, with different life opportunities, and made different choices. He’s definitely one of them.

    When I find a alternative-timeline Ken, I can relax because that means they’re doing or did something that the here-timeline Ken that you’re talking to now doesn’t *have to* pursue if he doesn’t want to.

    In short, I don’t have to be the guy that ties together all the logical and scientific fallacies and give TED talks and write the books and be famous and stuff. That’s an awful lot of work! Another “me” is doing it.

    Do I really *believe* they are alternative-Timeline Kenneth Udut’s? Not really, but it’s a nice Fictional Narrative I’ve created in order to not have to be “driven” about a mission of some kind, and I can then pursue a different mission of another kind, whatever that may end up being. It frees me up.

    Muse: Amy Gregory, an awesome person I went to high school with.

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